12 March, 2021

Black Owned Media Matters

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Black and Hispanic owned media outlets provide a voice to under-represented communities.

Media outlets serving immigrant and communities of color are under threat and deprived of resources needed to sustain their vital role.

"Communities of color and immigrants often rely on their own news outlets as the only trusted sources of information. Yet these news outlets remain largely invisible to mainstream media, public officials, the nonprofit sector, advertisers, and philanthropic organizations.

The single most pressing issue these outlets face is financial stability. They suffer from the same business pressures burdening all news organizations today. But they face additional unique challenges that include being resource-starved for a longer period of time, lacking access to professional training, often serving smaller audiences, and producing news in non-English languages which limit distribution. While some community media outlets have adapted and are thriving in a digital news environment, many lag behind in adopting the technologies and techniques now available to engage audiences." - CCM

Black Owned Media Outlets

Black owned media outlets serve minority communities around the country.

Center For Community Media

The Center For Community Media (CCM) serves news organizations that provide essential local coverage for populations whose voices and issues are underrepresented in mainstream media. The Center serves as a hub of information, resources, and training aimed at increasing the sustainability of this news media sector.

CCM plays a key information and networking role. It ensures that community news outlets from across the country have access to the same research, tools, funding, and training as mainstream news outlets. It serves as a resource hub and bridge to other organizations, professional associations, and foundations. CCM also connects community and immigrant media outlets to each other across the country, so that they can easily share best practices and experience the benefits of networking.


The Black Media Initiative supports Black media outlets through advocacy, convenings, training and research. Its aim is to be a one-stop resource for publishers of Black media, connecting them with available resources to build their capacity and stay sustainable. 


Born out of the Newmark J-School’s Spanish-language program, the Latino Media Initiative is a series of programs designed to provide resources to the Latino news industry. These resources include research an annual conference, and specially designed trainings and bootcamps for journalists, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs. It also includes a “Community of Practice”—an industry network that meets both in person and virtually to brainstorm solutions to common challenges—for Spanish-language publications.

Ethnic Media Services works to enhance the capacity of ethnic news outlets to inform and engage diverse audiences on broader public issues with the goal of building a more inclusive participatory democracy.

Ethnic Media Services

Ethnic Media Services (EMS) enhances the capacity of ethnic news outlets to inform and engage diverse audiences on broader public issues with the goal of building a more inclusive participatory democracy. It aims to:

- Build an effective advocacy voice by, for and with ethnic media to help sustain and grow the sector
- Promote inter-ethnic communications through collaborative editorial and social marketing projects
- Expand career paths for ethnic media reporters through reporting fellowships and professional trainings
- Ensure equitable distribution of ad dollars for ethnic media
- Develop pilot youth communication projects for underserved teens, youth and young adults
- Strengthen communications between ethnic media, advocacy and grassroots service organizations

Ethnic Media Services provides press briefings and videos on current issues:



BlackHer (#BLACKHER) celebrates the leadership of Black women and educating and inspiring each other to act for progressive change.
- SHEROES : stories about amazing Black women
- Articles about Black empowerment
- Videos about Black women and their contribution to society
- Podcast from Black women artists, community organizers and politicians


Map of Black Owned Media Outlets can be freely shared with this link
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This map was created by DemLabs using data from CUNY with ArcGIS Online.
Data used to create this map available here.
Thanks for Greyson Harris for telling me about the media resources from CUNY.

Support these groups that give voice and inspiration to communities under-represented by traditional media.


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