9 March, 2021

Zoom event production made easy

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Don't let your ZOOM presentation stumble. Get real time help without even having to look away.

Presenters run over their allotted time, others drift off script, struggle with audience questions...

How can virtual events be kept on track and presenters on script?

Zoom presenters looking away to read a script is distracting. Event producers need to manage presenters while they maintain eye contact with their audience. The challenge isn't new. TV newscasters use expensive teleprompters and headsets to communicate with event producers.

Virtual events are harder to produce with remote presenters, short deadlines and slim budgets. On-screen teleprompters let all presenters share the agenda, script and communicate through during the event - all without losing eye contact with viewers.

The BigStage Teleprompter is a free(mium) app to simplify virtual event production.

Zoom event production

BigStage Teleprompter uses a shared script and real-time communications to make it easy to produce Zoom events

BigStage Teleprompter

Newscasters and politicians rely on professional teleprompters. On-screen teleprompters offer similar functionality through software slashing costs and the time needed to learn how to use them. This is how The BigStage Teleprompter works:

1. Event producers create a script with event agenda, talking points and time allocation for each presenter.
2. Presenters get the script and free teleprompter as a link such as that runs on their laptop or phone.
3. The teleprompter window is place besides their ZOOM presentation (or WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or other online event software).
4. Presenters see the schedule and script scroll and know when it is their turn to present. They can pause the scrolling script to answer audience questions.
5. Event producers can change the agenda, talking points, add/drop presenter at any time and immediately share the changes with presenters.
6. Event producer can discreetly alert presenters if they run long, changes to the event schedule and suggestions on how to handle field questions.

7. These messages appear within the onscreen teleprompter so presenters never lose eye contact with their audience.

The BigStage Teleprompter makes it easy to manage important Zoom meetings with multiple presenters.

What is freemium software?

Freemium apps have both a free and a premium (paid-for) version with additional features. This lets more people use the basic functionality for free and only those who need the premium features have to pay for the upgrade. The free version of many freemium apps is adequate for most needs. Here are five of my favorite freemium apps:

CANVA - Image design and editing.
LUMEN5 - Free video creation with royalty-free video clips and soundtracks.
QUIZLET - Online quiz creation and testing app
GLIDE - Create simple mobile apps from a Google Sheet
WAKELET - Create websites and easy-to-share content collections

The BigStage Teleprompter is a DemLabs freemium app. The free basic version handles scripts up to 300 words, while the premium version ($5/month) handles larger scripts and includes advanced features to produce Zoom events.

Tips for better Zoom events

Communicate better on ZOOM. Keep eye contact with an on-screen teleprompter.
How to deliver POWERFUL messages on video
Fundraising through ZOOM events made easy
Miss that live virtual event? It’s your lucky day, it’s still going on
Answer tough questions on Zoom without breaking a sweat

Takeaway: Virtual meetings run better with an on-screen teleprompter. Free or premium? That depends on your need and budget.


Image credit: Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash; Noun Project

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