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Republicans block COVID Relief Bill

Videos get three times as much exposure on social media than just words. Making videos has been slow, expensive and complicated - leaving it beyond the reach of grassroots groups. New software has changed that.

This blog explains how an activist group created a video to push for Republicans to pass the COVID relief bill. This video was created in two hour using the free Lumen5 app with royalty free video clips and sound tracks included with the app. The video was downloaded and shared through YouTube.

Video with soundtrack

Activist create video to push for passing the COVID relief bill.
GIF of the video (no soundtrack)

How to create a video with Lumen5
Lumen5 is wonderful tool for activists and grassroots groups. It includes hundreds or royalty free images, video clips and soundtracks. The video clips in this message for instance with the champagne glasses and the homeless person are existing clips. You simply choose the video clips that are relevant for your message; add the captions and your own images. We included images of the Republicans passing their tax bill. Remember to add attribution for any material that you include.

Add a music sound track to your video from the large collection included with Lumen5. You can also record your own message on your video.

A rapid response demands that you create and share your message quickly across multiple channels.

Videos get your message heard. Create your own videos for free with Lumen5. It's fast, easy and free. DemLabs provides pro bono help to get you started with your video if you are working on a project related to social justice and voting rights. Apply here.


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