22 December, 2020

Voting early or using a drop box to vote in Georgia? Find your closest location with just two clicks.

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You're about to vote early. Where's the closest location in your county? When is it open? How do you get there?

Vote Georgia makes it easy for Georgia voters to find their closest early voting or absentee ballot drop box location. The free app also provides directions and working hours for each location.

Vote Georgia is a free app that helps voters find their closest early voting location or absentee ballot drop box.

Keep it simple

Georgia Votes is designed to be easy to learn and simple to use from either a phone or a laptop. It is built with free software from GlideApps and data collected by Josi Riederer, a Reclaim Our Vote volunteer. The app automatically provides the latest location data as the underlying information is updated. Driving directions are provided through an integration with Google Maps.

Scan this QR Code with your smartphone camera to use the Georgia Votes app without having to type in the website address. QR Codes are easily shared through flyers or online by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also click on this URL to use the app on a computer. This is how it looks on a laptop.

Vote Georgia can be used on a phone or laptop with this URL

Take Away: Make sure voters can easily find the information they need to vote. Make it fast and easy to use. Free software like GlideApps and volunteer data collection goes a long way.


Image credit: Jonathan Cosens Photography on Unsplash

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