21 December, 2020

Stick to your script. Use an on-screen teleprompter.

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President John F. Kennedy gives his inaugural address at the Capitol in Washington after he took the oath of office in this January 20, 1961 file photo. Listening in front row of inaugural seats, from left, are, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and former President Harry Truman.

Look 'em in the eye and deliver your message forcefully. It's easier with an on-screen teleprompter.

Keep your audience engaged with an on-screen teleprompter to project your script on your computer so you never loose eye contact with your audience nor forget your lines. BigStage Teleprompter is a free solution that runs in a browser window next to your Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Team or Google Meet presentation.

BigStage Teleprompter is on-screen which makes it easy to stick to your script.

BigStage Teleprompter

DemLabs designed the BigStage Teleprompter for online volunteer training. Since then it has been used for virtual fundraisers, conducting interviews, board meetings, providing testimony and mediation sessions. Here's how to use it:
- Launch this web page
- Cut and paste your script into the teleprompter. In this hypothetical example I replace President Lincoln's Gettysburg address with President Kennedy's inaugural address.
- Adjust the font, size and color of your script
- Set the scroll speed to a your talking speed. You can pause the scrolling to answer questions and then restart it.
- Place the teleprompter window next your Zoom window so you can see both at the same time
- The teleprompter can also be used on phones
The BigStage Teleprompter has a 200 word limit. The premium version with no word limit costs $5/month.

BigStage Teleprompter can also be used on phones.

DemLabs provides the premium version of BigStage Teleprompter free of charge to qualified non-profits. Learn more here.

Take away: Virtual meetings are here to stay. Perform better with the BigStage Teleprompter.


Image credit: AP / CBS
"President John F. Kennedy gives his inaugural address at the Capitol in Washington after he took the oath of office in this January 20, 1961 file photo."

Product credit:
Thanks to Darsh Puri for originally conceiving the market opportunity for the BigStage Teleprompter.

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