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Fundraising through events on ZOOMs made easy with BigStage

ZOOM makes it easy to connect, but how do you get supporters to take the next step and donate? How can they do this while still watching the event? How can this be done without any programming and making sure that you get every penny of their donation?

Step up to the BigStage.

SAAVETX is the largest South Asian outreach organization in Texas and building chapters throughout the state to create a unified voice and increase the voting base.. It nurtures grassroots organizing to act as catalysts for community change. It advocates for progressive and inclusive policies by our elected representatives. To mobilize voters and raise funding, it partnered with DemLabs to prototype BigStage for online fundraising.

SAAVETX mobilizes South Asian voters in Texas.


Big Stage Online extends ZOOM for fundraisers. It creates a panel above the presentation window with buttons connected to websites you choose. Viewers can immediately make a donation or register to volunteer. Read the documentation. Try BigStage for free here. Note:
The presentation takes place in the bottom 80% of the screen.
The Big Stage panel is in a separate window at the top above the presentation.
The presenter can ask viewers to click on the buttons in the panel.
When a button is clicked, it only occupies the top part of the screen.
The presentation continues as before.
This allows viewers to make a donation (say) while still watching the presentation.

BigStage schematic

BigStage Panel


Make the most of your online events with BigStage by giving your attendees the option to easily donate while still watching the presentation. The app is currently free for groups working for voting rights and social justice. Apply for a free account here.


Image credit: Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

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