18 October, 2020

Combat voter suppression. Data by the people, for the people to react quickly.

Get details of voter suppression data quickly for people to push back. The public. Media. Lawyers. Voting rights groups. Influencers.

Spot and combat voter suppression. Get the facts quickly to the public, journalists, influencers, lawyers and voting rights groups.

Information that has been screened, provided with details quickly in more valuable. This is especially true with incidents of voter suppression where a very large amount of information has to be processed quickly and shared with different audiences.

SeeSay2020 uses crowdsourced reports from voters to create real time dashboard and alerts. The information collected is shared freely with groups to combat voter suppression. Here is an example of how instances of voter suppression in South Carolina are quickly identified and downloaded.

Share and @SeeSay2020 to collect info to fight voter suppression.

Expose voter suppression and election interference as you witness it to a live map with SeeSay2020.

The need for speed

Citizen reported instances have to be collected, screened and shared quickly. Good, timely data enables a rapid response. SeeSay uses a team of volunteers to screen data quickly and innovative esri technology to collect and process data. This information is used to generate maps, dashboards and alerts within 30 minutes.

Voter suppression categories

SeeSay2020 collects reports with details of location and when it took place along with photos and videos. This information is saved for immediate alerts and future analysis and litigation. Details about the nature of the incident are categorized in detail to make it easier to respond and analyze.

Voter registration
- Voter registration not listed
- Voter name or address incorrect
Voter shown as already voted
Voting machine
Voter intimidation
- Interference/obstruction to polling place
- Wrongful ID request/Eligibility challenged
- Solicit/persuade voter
- Non-authorized person
- Advertising
Polling places
- Long lines/check-in issues
- Closed/moved/inconvenient/poor signage
- Poll worker
- Interfere with/obstruct a voter
- Absentee
- Provisional/affidavit not offered
- Candidate/race - missing, misleading, incorrect
- Removal of ballots
- Language
- News
- Text
- Email
- Social Media
Poll Tape

Take away: Share and @SeeSay2020 to collect info to fight voter suppression.


Image credit: Gregor Cresnar from the Noun Project

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