14 September, 2020

Hot dogs, music and early voting

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Encouraging people to vote early with fun events and interactive maps.
Making early voting fun and easy.

Turning out early voters in Indiana

Vanderburgh County, Indiana has approximately 60,000 voters. The county has the third largest city in Indiana, Evansville with a large urban population relative to the outskirts of the County.  There are more Democrats in the County than Republicans but the differences isn't huge in a relatively conservative region of the mid-west.

"Organizing and getting out our voters is critical if we are to elect Democrats", explained Edith Hardcastle, Vanderburgh County Democratic Party; Chair, Evansville, Indiana. "We have more Democrats in the County than Republicans but the differences isn't huge in a relatively conservative region of the mid-west. We have a majority of Democrats in City government and many outstanding incumbents running in the County elections this year as well as many newcomers who are running for the first time. These candidates will benefit greatly by a large voter turnout."

Analyzing Vanderburgh for political affiliation.
Mapping political support in Vanderburgh County, IN

Interactive voting map: Finding early voting locations

"At the same time, we are having our early voting location changed to a venue that has never been used as a voting center.  That is why we were so interested in having a tool to get the word out about voting locations. Indiana has a very long early vote period, that begins October 6. So we have an opportunity with this interactive voter map, to post it on our website, use it on social media as well as text it to voters to increase awareness about the location and hours.  We are very hopeful that this tool helps increase early voting and helps Democrats win."

Map shows early voting locations in Vanderburgh County.
Interactive map of early voting locations designed by DemLabs LLC with ArcGIS Online.

Driving early voting with fun events

Vanderburgh County Democrats have organized events complete with hot dogs and music to encourage voters to vote early.

Making early voting fun with hot dogs and music.
Organizing fun events to drive early voting

Takeaway: Make it easy to find early voting locations with fun events to get out the early vote. Apply here for pro bono help with creating early voting locations map.


Image credit: Peter Secan on Unsplash

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