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Young people launch multi-lingual, interactive video campaign on BigStage to get-out-the-vote
Multi-lingual video campaign to get out the vote

Gen Z voices urge others to vote with new technology that merges a recorded video with interactive buttons.

Young Asian Americans for Biden-Harris, a grassroots group North Carolina is mobilizing Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) voter with a new interactive video. The video includes six young voices appealing others to vote 'as if their lives depends on it'. The video includes buttons that viewers can click on to learn more about candidates, register to vote and donate.

Their campaign combines video snippets along with messages in different languages. The video is merged with a panel of interactive buttons so viewers can click on the buttons to register to vote while they are watching the video.

Gen Z multi-lingual campaign to get out the vote in different languages.

Designing an interactive video campaign

An interactive video combines the engagement of a video which gives viewers the option to respond immediately to a call to action while still watching the videos.

This interactive video campaign was designed in three steps:
1. Define the buttons in the panel and the URLs (such as register to vote) they lead toRecord and edit the video clips
2. Create and upload campaign video to VIMEO or YouTube
3. Create a campaign name and generate a link to share with voters
5. The link for this campaign is:

BigStage panel components that define the images to be shown and the websites they connect to.
Panel buttons in BigStage

Campaign video uploaded to Vimeo

Information on the BigStage panel is added through a dashbaord.
BigStage Dashboard where details are entered


BigStage is an application from DemLabs which enables campaigns to add an interactivity panel to streaming events. These events could be live events on ZOOM, YouTube Live, Facebook Live or Twitch. They can also be used to make recorded videos interactive so people who missed the live event can watch it later and still interact with it. BigStage is currently offered free of charge to groups working on voting and civil rights campaigns. Apply for a free account here.

Takeaway: Use interactive videos to engage and mobilize voters.


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