24 August, 2020

Interactive music video recruits Gen‑Z poll workers

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Interactive music video recruits Gen-Z election poll workers.

Young poll workers are needed as COVID-19 is a greater risk to seniors who typically staff polling centers. Gen-Z artists recruit the next generation of poll workers with online musical performances.

Power The Polls recruits poll workers to ensure a safe, fair election for all voters.

"Our democracy depends on hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who make sure elections run smoothly and everyone’s vote is counted. This year, we’re facing an unprecedented shortage of poll workers that could mean closed polling places and long delays. As coronavirus continues to impact Americans across the country, there has been a staggering decrease in the number of people who are able to work the polls -- which could mean closed polling places and long delays during the November election." Power The Polls aims to recruit 250,000 poll workers. Learn more:

Music has the power to move people

DemLabs in support of Power The Polls, signed upcoming GEN-Z artist, OFLO to record an appeal for fans to sign up as poll workers. The appeal is interactive. OFLO's video is streamed from YouTube with Action Buttons in a BigStage panel that let viewers sign up while still watching the performance.

Interactive music video stream from YouTube coupled with BigStage Action Buttons let viewers sign up to become volunteers as they watch the performance.

Keep it real. Make it personal.

OFLO's fans include both Gen-Z and millennials, making her a perfect choice to make this recording. She makes a direct appeal to her generation to become poll workers:

"I would like to ask all of you watching a huge favor. We have a very big election coming up this November, and frankly, American democracy needs all the help it can get. If you are at least 16 years of age, if you are a legal resident of the United States, or if you are a registered voter, then you can click the link right up above, right there, and register to become a poll worker at your local polling place. Poll workers provide an essential service. They make sure that the voting process goes smoothly and can be the difference between a chaotic experience and an organized experience. 

So if you're wondering, how can I get involved in this election? How can I play my part? Being a poll worker is a wonderful way. Not only to provide a service to the to the country, and to get involved in this election, but also to get involved in your community and, as an added plus, make a little extra money on the side. So please do click this link right up above poll workers are essential and we need your help. Just takes a couple minutes off your day, and you'll be doing a huge service to the entire country. Thank you so much and happy voting. Cheers!" - OFLO.

How to make an interactive video

Creating an interactive video is simple and fast with BigStage.
1. Record a video as you normally would and host it on a platform like YouTube or Vimeo.
2. Define the Action Buttons to add to the video stream. This includes, the text and which web site they point to.
3. Use BigStage to generate the interactive video. This can be shared in the form of a link such as

Learn more about creating your own interactive video here. DemLabs is currently offering BigStage free of charge for projects related to voting rights, social justice, women's rights and environmental issues.

Make an interactive video with a YouTube video stream combined with Action Buttons in a BigStage panel.

Make it easy to sign up

Convert viewers into volunteers while they are inspired. Add Action Buttons in a panel above the video so they can sign up while still watching the video performance. Learn more here.

BigStage panel above the YouTube video stream has buttons that connect viewers to Power The Polls.


Olivia Florentino, better known by her stage name OFLO, has had a passion for music since childhood. She has performed in several shows throughout the Bay Area, including “The Music Man”, “Grease”, “Rent”, “Guys and Dolls”. At Berklee College of Music she began to focus on songwriting and electronic music production. OFLO is known for her heart-shattering vocal tone and deeply personal writing style, revealing her truest self through her relatable lyrics and soulful melodies. She supports progressive causes and can be hired for recordings, fundraisers and virtual events.

Contact Olivia on her website, Facebook or Instagram @ladyoflo

The silver lining with young poll workers

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has been trying to drum up interest among younger people, who are less susceptible to COVID-19's worst outcomes. "Help us defend democracy. When you show up at your neighborhood polling location, somebody's going to be there behind the table to greet you, to check your ID, to hand you your ballot. Maybe the silver lining of this whole pandemic experience is that we recruit a whole new generation of poll workers." - NPR

Takeaway: Tailor your message to your audience.

Speak their language. Use spokespeople that resonate with your target audience. Make it easy for supporters to get involved while you have their attention.


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