7 August, 2020

Miss that live virtual event? It’s your lucky day, it’s still going on.

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Zoom meetings stay live for ever
Zoom meetings can now stay live for people who missed them.

Never miss a live virtual event again.

With BigStage Online, events can remain live and active, even after the event officially ended. Today is the day to make your virtual event or fundraiser "unmissable".

The problem with virtual events

Old habits, die hard.

It seems that showing up on time for online events is as hard for people as in-person events were. Virtual events also seem to easily slip peoples minds, they forget about them until they see posts about the event after the fact. So how can campaigns tap into this group of passionate, yet forgetful people, and give them the same experience they'd have if they'd watched the event live?

With the help of BigStage Online, virtual fundraisers can remain live, interactive, and open to the public, even after the event has ended.

1. How to add fundraising buttons to ZOOM presentation with Big Stage panel

BigStage extends ZOOM, WebEx, Google Meet and Microsoft Team, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch events to be extended with a panel that includes calls to action such as Donate, Register, Volunteer or Purchase buttons. The event organizer decides where the buttons lead to, for instance they may may want to accept donations through ActBlue. There's also space to feature events sponsors and campaign messages in a rotating carousel.

This is a live event with the presentation in ZOOM and the BigStage panel with action buttons above it.
This is a live event with the presentation in ZOOM and the BigStage panel with action buttons above it.

2. How to make donations on ZOOM fast and easy

With Big Stage Online, donations can be made without leaving the presentation, while the event is going on. The donation buttons make donating as easy as buying a pair of sunglasses from amazon, one-click, and done. Donations can also be sent directly to the campaign’s existing donation platform.

3. Recording of the live event saved as a video on YouTube

The virtual event is recorded as a video and save online. But, videos can be watched but aren't interactive.
This is recording of the virtual event which has been saved on YouTube. You can watch it, but you cannot interact with it.

4. Video recording with interactive BigStage panel can be watched later

The video recording of the event is shared in a BigStage link which also includes the interaction buttons. Viewers can (say) make a donation as they are watching the video through the panel above. This happens while they are still watching the presentation at the same time.

Recorded virtual event, presented later with action buttons on BigStage Online.
Event recorded shared later with action buttons in panel above which viewers can interact with. This is shared with a BigStage link and can be watched at any time.

Takeaways: Make attending and donating a no brainer

ZOOM enables groups to organize more fundraisers that reach more potential donors with less time and effort. BigStage from DemLabs extends ZOOM for this and is currently free for groups working on social justice and civil rights issues. Apply for your free account here.


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