3 August, 2020

Want a fair 2020 election? Become a poll worker.

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Uncle Sam: Become a poll worker today.
America is in the midst of a nationwide poll worker shortage.

"Without enough poll workers, voting locations close and lines stretch for hours. That’s why it's important that we recruit 80k new poll workers by the end of the day! Defend democracy and get paid doing it! #PowerThePolls

August 3rd marks three months until Election Day. We have fewer than 90 days to recruit a new wave of poll workers who will ensure a safe, fair, and secure election for all voters. Since recruitment deadlines vary by state and often county, Power The Polls has a goal of 250,000 sign-ups before state registration deadlines."

Poll Worker app

PollWorker is a free mobile app designed by DemLabs using GLIDE, a free app. The app aggregates public information needed to be a poll worker from different websites including: Power The Polls, Reclaim Our Vote, Fair Elections Center, National Council of State Legislators, U.S. Vote Foundation, and Election Protection. The app also include Poll Worker training videos from YouTube and other resources.

Access the app with this link

Poll Worker is an app built with GLIDE software by Democracy Labs.

Glide app

The information needed to become a poll worker varies by state and county. The details are available but scattered across multiple websites from different organizations. The information may consist of websites, PDF documents and videos making it hard to quickly find what you are looking for.

Glide is a wonderful, free app that makes it possible to collect information from different sources into a Google Sheet. From there the information can be delivered in the form of a mobile app that can be viewed from a phone, tablet or laptop. The information is dynamic, so new content on any of the sites is immediately delivered to the mobile app.

Takeaway: Become a poll worker

Three months till Election Day! America is facing a shortage of poll workers, who must be signed up & trained by November. With so much on the line, use the best available tools like Glide to collect and share information.


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