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Fundraising has moved online with many campaigns choosing ZOOM for virtual fundraisers. But guiding donors from the impulse to give to actually making the donation during a virtual event is hard. How can donations be made without leaving the presentation? How can donations be sent directly to the campaign's existing donation platform? Welcome to the Big Stage Online.

How can donations be made without leaving the presentation?

Donating online should be as a simple as PBS fundraisers on TV. "Please call the number on your screen and donate now!"

BigStage extends ZOOM functionality for online fundraisers, so groups can:

- Incorporate their custom branding to an event
- Collect contact details from viewers even if they don't make a donation immediately
- Link participants directly to other calls to action such as volunteering for the campaign
- Feature sponsors, endorsements and campaign messages

Fundraising online

Shane Morigeau is running to be the next Montana State Auditor. Shane was born and raised in small-town Montana on the Flathead Reservation, and is a proud member of the Salish and Kootenai Tribes. Shane is also a proud hunter, outdoorsman, and conservationist. Growing up, Shane spent his summers fighting fire, obtaining his pilot’s license, and earning a BS in resource conservation. After attending the University of Montana School of Law, Shane built a career using his law degree and advocacy background to hold politicians and corporations accountable. Shane lives with his wife Jamie and two dogs in Missoula, Montana.

Shane is running for auditor to make sure Montanans can depend on strong consumer protection from the Auditor’s office, and have access to quality, affordable insurance. On the Montana Land Board, Shane has promised to protect public lands and increase public access.

Shane’s team has recently turned to ZOOM for virtual events to fundraise online. On Tuesday, 7/21, at 5pm PT (6pm MT, 8pm ET) Shane has an event on ZOOM featuring special guests Rep. Deb Haaland and Rep. Sharice Davids— the first Native American women elected to the U.S. Congress. Both Congresswomen endorsed Shane in his race for Auditor.

How BigStage works:

BigStage streamlines the donation process. Campaigns choose the graphics and links to connect each button to. Attendees are asked to donate during an event, and when they click on the DONATE button, they are immediately connected to the campaigns donation page. BigStage runs independently in a separate browser window next to ZOOM without affecting it. Campaigns can add their:
- Custom branding
- Donation links
- Calls to action such as register to volunteer
- Event sponsors
- Campaign issues
- Endorsements

Managing events (watch the video)
- Campaigns choose the prompts, images and URLs in their panel.
- Send an invitation link which also includes the ZOOM meeting ID
- Presentations are conducted as normal on ZOOM

When you're handed a lemon, make lemonade. COVID-19 has forced campaigns to fundraising online. ZOOM enables groups to organize more fundraisers that reach more potential donors with less time and effort. BigStage from DemLabs extends ZOOM for this and is currently free for groups working on social justice and civil rights issues. Apply for your free account here.

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