14 July, 2020

HipHop Politics On The BigStage

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COVID-19 has forced campaigns to move organizing and fundraising online.

Conferencing apps are great for meetings, but lacking key features for political events where the goal is to get attendees to take a particular action.

What's needed
Campaigns need a way to extend conferencing and streaming apps so viewers can easily:
- Learn more about their organization
- Register to volunteer or take other actions to support the campaign
- Make a donation
- Learn about the sponsors

The solution had to be simple to use and affordable but also:
- Integrate with existing campaign and partner links (like Action Network)
- Use their existing donation links (like ActBlue) without having to pay any extra fees
- Work with the presentation or streaming solution of their choice

The BigStage app from DemLabs meets these needs. The app runs next to ZOOM, as a panel with action buttons chosen by the campaign. Presenters encourage their viewers to take a particular action by clicking on those buttons while still watching the presentation.

HipPolitics case study
Hip-Politics mobilizes the political power of the Hip-Hop generation. It educates and directs the voice of the Hip-Hop community to organize and create effective political and social justice campaigns.

Hip-Hop has influenced, defined, and connected multiple generations around the globe for over 40 years. It has been a productive disruptive force in popular culture that has influenced every aspect of our lives. This is how Cameron Trimble the founder of Hip-Politics explains it on BigStage. Notice how Cameron directs viewers to the actions he'd like them to take. Watch Cameron's video here.

How BigStage works
Event organizers provide details on the action buttons they want to display in the panel and the URLs for each button. They can also feature up to five sponsors or campaign messages which are displayed in a rotating carousel in the panel. Presenters simply point to the button corresponding to the action that they want viewers to take. Customized settings for an event are provide through this simple form.

Learn more
BigStage currently works with ZOOM, but will soon support other conferencing and streaming platforms as well. BigStage is currently available at no charge to a few select partners. Contact DemLabs to request a free evaluation account.


Title image credit: Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

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