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Georgia is truly special. Hours long lines to vote. Missing vote by mail ballots. $110 million spent on new voting machines. What gives?

When in doubt, follow the money. We mapped the connections, money and lobbyists involved with voting in Georgia using Kumu, a free relationship mapping app.


  • Georgia spent $110m on voting machines from Dominion whose lobbyist was the campaign manager for Brian Kemp, Georgia Governor. - AJC
  • Kemp, a staunch Trump supporter, has released videos in which he poses with his pickup truck and claims: “I’ve got a big truck just in case I need to round-up criminal illegals and take them home myself.” - The Guardian
  • Trump endorsed Brad Raffensperger. "He will be a fantastic Secretary of State for Georgia," arguing that he will "work closely with Brian Kemp." Fox 5 Atlanta
  • "Voters encountered long lines and problems with voting machines during a chaotic day of in-person balloting in Georgia." - Reuters
  • "Voting rights groups said the experience was particularly difficult in precincts serving low-income and minority neighborhoods, and they worried that thousands of voters might have been disenfranchised." - Reuters

Let's map the swamp creatures profiting from voter suppression.

Power mapping
Swamp creatures thrive in the dark by hiding their activities. Exposing and understanding what's happening in a swamp is the first step in draining it and getting rid of the swamp creatures that infest it. Organizers call this 'power mapping'.

"Power mapping is a visual tool used by social advocates to identify the best individuals to target to promote social change. The role of relationships and networks is very important when advocates seek change in a social justice issue. The power mapping process entails the use of a visual tool to conceptualize the sphere of a person or group's influence. The power map tool helps to visualize whom you need to influence, who can influence your target and what can be done to influence the identified person with power. Power Mapping is often politically focused and is frequently used to persuade decision makers to alter how they may vote on an issue." - Wikipedia

Kumu is a free, powerful app that maps power and relationships. It makes it possible to see how people and interests are connected. Where money flows? Who pays who? How influence is exerted? Who are the lobbyists?  The results are displayed visually in an interactive map that's easy to follow. People can explore it on their own from a laptop or phone. Maps can be updated at any time with new details. Who knows what new creatures will be spotted in a swamp?

Maps are shared with a link
Or embedded in a website with a single line of code.

<iframe src="" width="1024" height="576" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Take away
We love to map swamps at DemLabs and map those related to voting rights and social justice for free. Contact us if you have a swamp to map.

Co-Founder, DemLabs

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