17 June, 2020

Let The People Speak

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How do you bridge the divide between how elected officials vote and what their constituents want? Let people speak directly to power.

Kalamazoo Commissioner Stephanie Moore mobilized community support for two proclamations on racism as a public health crisis and demanding an end to police brutality.

"Kalamazoo’s black community makes up roughly 12% of the population, black patients make up 32% of positive cases. The virus is also disproportionately killing black patients.

Before the vote, Moore stated that while she was tired of explaining racism she appreciated her colleagues for metaphorically “chopping wood and carrying water” in support of communities of color.

“It’s absolutely time for all of us to listen and to hear the voices,” Commissioner Meredith Place said. “Not only the voices in the street but the voices in our inboxes saying do something now. Let’s do something tonight.”

Commissioners John Gisler and Roger Tuinier, the two Republicans on the board, said they felt rushed and were not comfortable with voting on the resolution." - Michigan Live

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