12 May, 2020

Musicians Power Virtual Fundraisers

Musicians and progressive campaigns are teaming to raise funds online with live streaming performances. 
The Coronavirus has forced campaigns to innovate. How do you fundraise when live events aren't possible? How can artists support the causes and candidates they believe in when live performances aren't possible? Background There are two main types of online events: 1. Mass broadcast (Instagram, Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter) where a single video stream is offered to thousands of viewers. Delivering the videostream is free but it is not always possible for artists to collect viewers' contact details in order to market to them in the future. However, the platform providers  do collect information on who attended and make money by selling online ads. 2. Video Conferencing (ZOOM, WebEx, Google Meet, Microsoft Team) which is better for smaller groups and have more options for interaction. But there are limited options to add branding and direct attendees to make a donation or signup to volunteer. Artists are breaking records for online audiences. How can campaigns apply this surge in online events spurred by the Coronavirus?
[caption id="attachment_2362" align="alignleft" width="300"] Streaming performance gets over a billion views[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2363" align="alignright" width="300"] The hottest parties are online[/caption]
                  Musician powered fundraising platform needs: Allow presenters to add their own branding to an event. A simple way to set up a digital event quickly without programming. Control who attends and collect viewer details. Create either a free or ticketed events. Have buttons that allow viewers to donate, buy merchandise, register to vote, etc. Donations and volunteer signups should go directly to the broadcasters. Merchandise sales, ticket proceeds and attendee details go straight to artists. The virtual venue should include space to highlight sponsors. It should support different video streaming solutions such as Zoom, Meet, Team and WebEx. Abortion Care Network (ACN) supports abortion care providers so they can provide exceptional care to the individuals, families and communities they serve. The Seratones are a soul rock band from Shreveport, Louisiana. A.J. Haynes is the lead vocalist with a captivating voice that is a beacon of confidence and clarity amidst a sea of social and political turmoil. Stephanie Moore is running to represent Michigan's 60th District as State Representative. She is the highest ranking African American in local government the first African American to serve as Chair of the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners. Sir Glenn Lamar has a background in politics, as a former aide to a U.S. Congressman and a passion for empowerment. He knows firsthand the importance of making music for the people, that not only moves them, but that they can relate to personally. “My music is real hip-hop,” he says. “ I have something to say — and I do — but it’s also not gonna put you to sleep. It might make you think.” Cameron Trimble is the founder of Hip-Politics which mobilizes the political power of the Hip-Hop generation. The intersectionality of Hip-Hop and Politics is the key to unlocking the collective force of millions to create effective political and social justice campaigns. Big Stage Online BigStage enhances existing video conferencing solutions with: 1. A campaign's branding 2. Persistent links to the campaign's website for donations, volunteer registrations, merchandise sales. These links stay on the screen while the event is going on. 3. Ads from sponsors or campaign messages The campaign decides whether to keep the event free or charge to attend. Donations and volunteer registrations are directed to the campaign's own website without any middleman fees. Learn more about BigStage here.

Stephanie Moore and Sir Glenn Lamar 6:00PM EST, Friday, May 15

Abortion Care Network & Seratones  6:00PM EST, Sunday, May 17  Take away "If your time to you is worth savin', Then you better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone, For the times they are a-changin" - Bob Dylan Harness the power of streaming technology and msuical performances for fund raising and to organize for change. Deepak Co-Founder, DemLabs Please share this blogDemLabs (a project of the Tides Advocacy Fund) is a SF-based, progressive hub for ongoing technology and creative innovation with free and affordable apps. Donate here to support our work.

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