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How can a virtual protest be organized during a pandemic? One where Congress gets to hear from real people? 

A virtual protest #VirusFreeVoting is planned by Indivisible chapters and FieldTeam6 on Thursday 4/30. They're using Flipgrid, a free app to collect personal stories telling Congress to support Vote By Mail and to fund the U.S. Postal Service.

Record Your Video for Vote by Mail

Field Team 6
Field Team 6 is a grassroots group that registers Democrats in Battleground States. The Field Team Story shows strategic targets where registering Democrats can determine the outcome of an election. They use a targeted strategy, motivated volunteers with innovative apps to make a big impact. Support Field Team 6 by donating here.

Flipgrid is a free app from Microsoft with millions of users. It was originally developed for education, but works just as well for organizing. Organizers can also use it to pose a question and broadly share link such as Supporters record their own stories on a phone or laptop. The videos are immediately sent to the organizer where they can be used to create videos, shared on social media or shared with news outlets.

DemLabs encourages progressive groups to use free, innovative apps in order to do more with few resources. The Field Team 6 virtual protest to push for Vote By Mail shows how to do it right. Learn how other groups use Flipgrid and a free online course.
National Vote At Home
Make The Road Nevada
National Democratic Municipal Officers Assn.
DemCast - DemLabs traning on how to use Flipgrid

Videos created with Flipgrid can be exported and used in other programs. We used another service to caption and translate a Field Team 6 video demanding Congress support Vote By Mail.

Protect Our Vote. Video testimonial collected by FieldTeam6 using Flipgrid. (English)

Protect Our Vote. Video testimonial collected by FieldTeam6 using Flipgrid. (Spanish)

Take away
Personal stories are real and move people to action. They can't be made overseas or mass-produced by trolls. Collect video stories for your cause with the free Flipgrid app. Learn more here.

Remember to record your story in support of Voting By Mail here.

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