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Make sure every one get to hear your message regardless of their language.

One out of five American speaks a language other than English at home. Many groups lack the time, money and staff to translate and caption their videos. New software makes it both simple and affordable. We used the service to translate and caption Bernie's endorsement of Joe Biden video released today.


  1. We first downloaded the endorsement video
  2. The software automatically generates a transcription
  3. We reviewed and edited the transcription and made some minor corrections.
  4. We used the software to generate transcribed, captioned videos.
  5. We uploaded the videos to Vimeo.

It took two hours to caption and translate the video into six languages that you can watch below.

Original video without captions

Automatically generated captions for human review

Video with English captions. Click on the flags below to see the video in that language.







Take away
Ignore the racism and xenophobia. America is still a country of immigrants. Translate and caption your campaign videos into different languages to make sure your message reaches everyone. Learn more here.

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