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"Wisconsin's holding of a primary during a pandemic is just the latest example of Republicans’ naked bid to keep power at all costs." - The Guardian

The story includes a pandemic, closed polling locations, a public safety plea to postpone the election and a Republican legislature determined to hold onto power even if it put people's lives at risk. How do you take such a complex issue and make it easy to understand?

We used StoryMapsa free app to create 'Shame' in three hours. StoryMaps are visual stories that combine news, images, videos and maps. They are easy to understand and share on social media.

The Shame StoryMap explains the risk to public safety by forcing votes in a pandemic and encourages readers to support initiatives for Vote By Mail and non-profit groups fighting for fair elections. The Shame StoryMap includes information (with attribution) from several sources including:
NewsChicago TribuneThe GuardianShepherd Express
Images: Madison, NY Times Post
Videos: MSNBC, FOX

How to Create a Story Map

Take away
Stories in the public interest deserve attention - especially when politicians use the pandemic to suppress voters and grab power.

Show voters know how they are disenfranchised and explain what they can do about it. Learn how to create your own free StoryMap here. Stay safe!

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