2 April, 2020

Poor People’s VA Campaign Offers Local Coronavirus Newsfeed

How does a grassroots group with little funding keep locals informed of dangers and resources during a pandemic? How can vital information be quickly collected and shared? The Poor People's Campaign in Virginia shows how it can be done using Wakelet, a free app. It provides a Coronavirus newsfeed that is distributed through emails, social media, its own and partner websites.   Creating a WakeletWakelet is a collection of digital content that you choose from different sources that is relevant to your topic. The Poor People's Campaign in VA incorporates Coronavirus information from websites, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, its own documents and other sources into its Wakelet. The Wakelet automatically formats the content so it is easily shared as a link, or embedded into a web site with just a few lines of code. Wakelets can be edited with new information which is automatically displayed wherever the link has been shared. Multiple editors can edit a Wakelet at the same time.

How a Wakelet is created, published and distributed.

Distributing your content The newsfeed is widely distributed through different channels (like websites and social media) and partner organizations.  Partners appreciate that they can provide useful information to their followers without the burden of collecting and formatting the information themselves. The Wakelet link is dynamic and automatically gets refreshed with new content. See how the Poor People's Campaign has embedded its Coronavirus Wakelet on its home page.

How to distribute a Wakelet

How to embed a Wakelet in a website

Take away Timely, accurate information is vital in a pandemic. Share  informed with free, innovative technology like Wakelet. Learn more about using it here. Deepak Co-founder, DemLabs Please share this bulletinDemLabs is a SF-based, progressive hub for ongoing technology and creative innovation with free and affordable apps. Donate here to support our work.

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