31 March, 2020

Groups Connect Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Donors With Healthcare Providers.

Healthcare workers should not have to fear for lives because they lack personal protective equipment (PPE). These groups connect donors with workers to get them the equipment they need to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Get Us PPE #GetUsPPE is working to build a national, centralized platform to enable communities to get PPE to healthcare providers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. They believe healthcare workers should not have to fear for their own life because they do not have access to the protective equipment they need. With swift and decisive action from the Federal Government and strong community support we can still get healthcare workers the equipment they need to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Mask Match Mask Match helps people with spare masks send them directly to healthcare workers on the front lines who need them — without needing to leave their house. Many hospitals have had to limit the number of masks healthcare workers can use because there isn’t enough. Many are forced to go without due to lack of supply. While factories domestically and overseas are rushing to produce more, producing masks takes time that many healthcare workers don’t have. We already have masks here — in our closets, garages and workshops. @MaskMatch Send your masks from closets & workshops to healthcare workers who need them — without leaving your home. Their lives (and our lives) depend on it! #maskmatch     Find The Masks Find The Masks lets people help the helpers by making it easy to donate your masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE) in your local area.

Maybe you bought N95 masks a few weeks ago or already have some in your house. Right now healthcare workers are running dangerously low on PPE like masks, hospital gowns, booties, and face shields to protect them while they risk their lives to save others. By donating, you protect everybody: doctors, nurses, hospital staff, patients, and the general public.

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Join healthcare workers demanding that the federal government provide the PPE they need. #GETMEPPE

  Deepak Co-Founder, DemLabs

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