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Why would the Trump Administration strip one of the oldest Native American tribes of its land during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Activists decided to 'follow the money' and see who stood to profit from the land grab with Kumu, a free software app.

The app analyzed reports from the Huffington PostWashington TimesMass LiveCape NewsGristBusiness InsiderThe Daily BeastThe WrapBallotpedia,  PoliticoWikipediaCNNSEC RecordsThe Guardian and the Financial Times to create the Pandemic land grab.

Good software lets you map a swamp this wide, so deep and so infested to understand what's going on and explain it to others.

How to map a swamp
Kumu map consists of entities (like President Trump) and relationships (like the relationship between President Trump and David Pecker). All the entities and relationships together form an interactive relationship map. Kumu is a wonderful, free app that maps relationships and creates easy-to-share presentations like the Pandemic land grab so more people understand the swamp.



Relationship map

Take Away
Swamp creatures thrive in the dark. Let's bring them out into the open.

Get help here if you need a hand mapping a swamp for the public good.


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