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Make your videos more persuasive with personal testimonials.

Video testimonials work but collecting them has been difficult for groups with limited time, money and staff. The free Flipgrid app enables small grassroots group to collect videos remotely with just a laptop.

The National Vote At Home Institute (VAH) is a non-profit, non-partisan group that empowers voters, letting them decide when, how and where they vote using mail ballots. Voters don’t have to take time off work, drive to a polling place or stand in long lines. It is ideal for seniors, disabled voters and others who might have trouble getting to the polls.

VAH needed to collect video clips from voters describing why they like vote-by-mail ballots to create a campaign video. They did it in four days, with zero budget using Flipgrid and a little help from DemLabs.

Collecting videos
Flipgrid is a free, easy-to-use Microsoft app with millions of users. Flipgrid was originally designed for teachers, but works just as well for activists and community organizers.

How Vote At Home used Flipgrid:
- VAH chose the question for people to answer. "Why do you prefer vote-by-mail ballots?"
- This question was presented in both written form and as a short video.
- A link was generated with Flipgrid.
- This link was shared by email and social media to request recordings.
- Voters made their recordings using this link from a phone or laptop.
- All the recordings were uploaded and used to create the campaign video.
- The collected videos can be exported and used independent of Flipgrid.

Try it! Make a recording on why you like mail ballots here.
Online tutorial on how to use Flipgrid.

Vote At Home video prompt asking voters why they prefer vote-by-mail ballots?

Fair Vote (New Mexico) campaign video for Ranked Choice Voting
with video clips collected with Flipgrid.

Improve public housing conditions in Richmond, Virginia
Legal Aid Justice Center Flipgrid campaign for better public housing in Richmond, VA.

Take Away
Collect testimonials with Flipgrid to make your videos more persuasive. Learn more here.

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