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Reach more people, faster and for less money with a GIF.

GIFs are just seconds long but get your message heard. They play automatically and engage viewers immediately.

Activists created this GIF to demand funding for the CDC to fight the Coronavirus using EZGIF, a free app. This GIF was created by choosing GIFs from GIPHY and relevant YouTube clips. These segments were merged and overlaid with captions to created a 17 second GIF.


Video Activists initially created a 36 second video using the free Lumen5 appDemCast shared the video on Twitter and generated over 11,300 views. A great amount of earned media with no cash outlay!

Videos are powerful for storytelling, but they have three big challenges: 1. Creating videos requires skill and time 2. Viewers have to click a link to watch the video 3. Videos depend on bandwidth available to download 4. They are hard to edit

GIF The 17 sec long GIF shown at the top of this blog was created with EZGIF. The GIF was used to create a video. The video is effective, even though it has less details than the video created with Lumen5 and does not include a soundtrack. Watch the video on YouTube.

GIFs perform better than videos for several reasons: 1. They are smaller in size and require less bandwidth 2. They are shorter and better suited for short attention spans 3. They are easier to make quickly and need less skills 4. GIFs are easier to edit and can be easily converted into a video

Video (17 seconds) created from the GIF


Take Away
Get your message to more people, faster with GIFs. Use free resources like EZGIF and GIPHY to create your own GIF. Learn more about creating a GIF here.

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