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Millions listen to podcasts but not enough are hosted and produced by women. How can we fix this?
An exclusive Be Your Change workshop will train fifteen women to harness the power of podcasts for social good. Attendees will learn how to create and distribute their own podcast at this four day retreat in Arizona. DemLabs is offering two free scholarships.

Podcasting basics
Podcasting is a unique medium to build relationships with your audience, supporters and donors. Podcasts are booming with 86 million listeners in 2019.

Convenient: Listen to podcasts when and where you choose.
Useful: They are easy to search for content and archive.
Easy to make: Podcasts can be recorded and edited with just a laptop.
Efficient: Unlike printing, mailing and emailing broadcasting podcasts is free.
Current: New podcasts are automatically downloaded once you've subscribe to a podcast feed.

Be Your Change Juliette Roy founded Be Your Change to amplify the voice of women changemakers. She has over fifteen years experience in the entertainment, music, online radio and podcasting industry. Her focus is on sharing stories of changemakers who create positive change to develop the world in the direction of inclusivity, acceptance, environmental progress, equity and educational growth. Subscribe to Juliette's podcast.

Podcast Coaching Retreat Do you have an idea for a podcast, but struggling to take the next step? Intimidated by the technology involved? Learn how to get your podcast off the ground and promote your work from the experts with over forty years collective podcasting experience. Details Logistics: March 11-15, El Coronado Ranch, Tucson, AZ Fee: $1,090 Capacity: 15 women


Agenda Understanding podcast strategy Picking the right format for your audience. Technology. Choosing the right equipment. Basic audio editing skills Create a podcast trailer or episode Launching, marketing and promoting your podcast Storytelling versus interviews based podcasts Budget/Revenue Streams



Scholarships Democracy Labs connects progressive groups with innovative solutions so they can make a bigger impact with less money. This podcasting retreat offers women a unique combination of technology, training and support. DemLabs is thrilled to offer two scholarships for deserving candidates to attend the retreat. Apply here.


A wonderful woman hosted podcast Karen Jagoda hosts the show which is now in its 13th year. This weekly podcast is a non-partisan window into the convergence of politics and technology. Karen interviews political and digital experts to explain how they use new and traditional methods to win campaigns and advocate for causes. It's available from Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify and other sources. Listen to her interview with DemLabs on "Leveling the Playing Field for Down Ballot Candidates"

Take away

Powerful vested interests control TV stations. Corporate advertisers monopolize the media. It's hard for small groups to get heard so people can make informed decisions. Podcasts can help.


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