3 January, 2020

Mission Accomplished — The Sequel


"Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it," George Santanya.

This parody video shows the similarities between the start of the last Iraq war and the recent US killing of Iranian General Soleimani.

Background "Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, has been killed by a US air at Baghdad airport in a strike ordered by US President Donald Trump.

Iranian officials are categorical - this is an act of war to be met by "harsh retaliation". Iran has many ways and means to strike back as a long-simmering crisis suddenly moves to a new, dangerous chapter." -  BBC

"Trump's failed attempts to deal with Iran and his withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Tehran resulted in a "combustible moment," wrote Wendy Sherman, former under secretary for political affairs during the Obama administration in USA Today. Adam Best tweeted this may be the fourth time "A Republican president tries to start a war during their first term to boost re-election odds. Reagan - Grenada Bush 41 - Iraq Bush 43 - Iraq Trump - Iran"


Bush posed for photographs with pilots and members of the ship's crew while wearing a flight suit. A few hours later, he gave a speech announcing the end of major combat operations in the Iraq War. Far above him was the warship's banner stating "Mission Accomplished."Lisa Schiffren, a former speechwriter for former vice president Dan Quayle, praised Bush in the Writing in The Wall Street Journal, for appearing not only "really hot" but "credible as a commander in chief. But mostly 'hot' as in virile, sexy and powerful." - Wikipedia

"Much contention surrounds Bush's reasons for declaring war on Iraq.  However, the Iraq war instead brought the country hundreds of thousands of casualties and severely damaged infrastructure. Many believe the war was unsuccessful in its aim to deter terrorist activity. Dissenters believe the Bush administration, particularly Vice President Dick Cheney, intentionally misled the American public in order to secure holdings for the oil industry." -

"Tens of thousands of people died fighting in the Iraq War, which began 15 years ago Tuesday. Nearly 5,000 of them were U.S. service members." - Washington Post "Associated Press stated that more than 110,600 Iraqis had been killed since the start of the war to April 2009." - Wikipedia

"The Iran-Iraq war is often said to have caused half a million or more deaths." - UNC

Take away This parody video was created in a few hours with old news footage with Adobe Premier Pro. Learn more here.

Deepak Co-Founder, DemLabs

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