29 December, 2019

We’re Not Lovin’ It

Image: Banksy

Issues can be complicated. Relationship maps strip away the BS to show what's really going on.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRBoverturned a prior ruling making it harder for McDonalds workers to earn a living wage and put an end to sexual harassment at work. McDonalds recently fired its CEO for having a relationship with another employee and then rewarded him a $70m exit package!

How does McDonalds get away with two such vastly different standards - one for executives and another for workers? We used the free Kumu app to understand how McDonalds boosts its profits and exploits workers with lobbyists and political donations.

Background "Trump Administration agencies, including the NLRB, are making decisions in the interest of corporations like McDonald's and not the American people or the law. ... McDonald's is walking away with a get-out-of-jail-free card after illegally retaliating against low-paid workers who were fighting to be paid enough to feed their families." - SEIU on NPR.

How to create a relationship map First identify the people, organizations and their relationships. Then map these elements and relations with the free Kumu app. Its simple, visual interface makes it easy to understand what's going on. It is easier to understand what corporations and politicians are up to, once you understand their real motivations.  This map shows the relationships between:

  • McDonalds
  • Executives
  • Board of Directors
  • Investors
  • Lobbyists
  • Politicians
  • Franchisees
  • National Labor Relations Board
  • Worker rights groups
  • Anti-harassment groups

'The truth will set you free' - but first you have to find it Information scattered across the internet becomes useful when its organized and presented in context. Kumu makes the complex understandable. Dozens of information sources (images, videos, audio recordings, maps and statistics) are used in this map.

Kumu is a free app to create relationship maps that can be updated with new details when needed. The maps are easy to share on social media or embed in websites. Kumu is ideal for groups advocating for change with limited cash and technical resources.

This infographic can be freely shared: Embed the infographic in a website with this line of code:

Two other free apps used to create this map: - Canva to create graphics - Statistical Atlas to analyze the racial composition of the Oklahoma districts where multi-millionaire 'McCongressman' Kevin Hern (R) owns ten McDonalds franchisees.

Pictures capture the essence of an issue better than words. Here are my favorites on this issue.

Take away Corporations hide their schemes by making it hard for people to understand what's really going on. Make it easy for voters to make informed decisions with the free Kumu app. Learn how here.

Deepak Co-Founder, DemLabs

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