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Campaigns have to make the most of limited time, money and staff. What events should be held? Where? When? What are the other campaigns doing?

Software quickly analyzes data to reveal what campaigns are doing. The ten leading Democratic candidates have already held over 500 events in Iowa, as of Sept 2019. John Wertman analyzed publicly available data from the Des Moines Register to create this StoryMap.

Data analysis takes raw data and converts it into useful information. This project uses three apps to show what, where and when the campaigns are doing in Iowa.

1. ArcGIS: mapping software to represent the locations of the events. Where did the candidates meet voters? What type of event did they organize?

Another recent ArcGIS example: How Indivisible Michigan Uses Advanced Software To Coordinate Activities To Flip Swing Districts.

2. Insights: This app allows data to be easily interpreted with just a few clicks. For instance how many events did each candidate hold? What type of event was it? Where was it held?


3. StoryMaps - A free app that combines data, images and maps into a digital story that is easy to understand and share. The Battle For Iowa explains the candidates, the types of events, links to more information and the importance of different Iowa cities to the campaign. The StoryMap can be shared with this link.

Better planning pays, especially when time and resources are stretched thin. Use geo-spatial software to run smarter campaigns. Learn more here.

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