23 October, 2019

And The Award For The Most Creative Voter Suppression Scheme Goes To …

  Creativity should be recognized. Even if it is evil and killing democracy by suppressing votes. DemLabs is partnering with voting rights groups on 'Voter Suppression Dirty Tricks' project to raise public awareness of the range of techniques used to suppress votes. But just like in the Academy Awards, we want public input on dirty tricks and undiscovered evil talent that deserves recognition.
Cast your vote! Review list of dirty tricks online here. Vote for the dirtiest trick and nominate others here.
    Project origins DemLabs deployed SeeSay (See Something, Say Something) during the 2018 midterm elections. Voters could immediately report voting issues they encountered with a mobile app. Review the SeeSay dashboard of voter suppression incidents here. The 'Voter Suppression Dirty Tricks' project builds upon SeeSay, making voter suppression schemes easier to spot. Learn more here.     Takeaway A lot of evil genius goes to make sure that some Americans can't vote. Let's call it out so they get the recognition they deserve! Deepak Co-Founder, DemLabs Please share this bulletin. DemLabs is a SF-based, hub for ongoing technology and creative innovation for progressives. Donate here to support our work.

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