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One day you're a loyal American ally. The next you're cannon fodder.

What explains the sudden change in American policy towards the Kurds? Democracy Partners wanted to present the facts so people could understand what might have driven the decision. They decided to build a StoryMap.

"We already knew that Trump was willing to betray the interests of many of the working class voters that put him in office. Now we know he is even willing to betray solders who America asked to fight and die for our common goals in Syria. It’s clear that Trump is willing to betray anyone to advance his own interests", commented Robert Creamer, Partner at Democracy Partners, a consulting firm dedicated progressive values.

StoryMaps is a free app that lets you create inspiring, immersive stories by combining text, interactive maps, and other multimedia content. Publish and share your story online and keep it current with new developments.

Democracy Partners designed the 'Map of Betrayal' using the free StoryMaps app (with a little help from DemLabs). StoryMaps can be co-branded with partners to reach more people through email or social media using a link.

Use StoryMaps to explain the facts and make a call to action. Especially on fast moving issues such as when a loyal US ally is being abandoned.

Learn more about how to apply StoryMaps or re-use an existing StoryMap for your campaign here.

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