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A very few of us are naturally, gifted public speakers. The rest of us need to practice.

Technology can now coach activists, organizers and candidates to become better communicators. Orai is a new free(mium) app which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze your speaking habits and presentation style. The app provides personalized suggestions on becoming a better presenter.

Let's analyze a small section of President Obama's famous DNC keynote.

Orai analysis of President's Obama speech at the 2004 DNC. (Photo credit: Salon)

How it works
Users record their presentation on their phones. Orai analyzes the recording using artificial intelligence to provide immediate feedback on how it could be better. The feedback includes a transcription of the talk and the presenters speaking pace,  energy level and use of filler words.

Pace - A good speaking rate is about 120–145 words per minute. The pace should be varied so as to not sound monotonous.

Fillers - Presenters use these clutch words which make them sound less confident. Examples: “um”, “uh”, “actually”, “you know” and “like”.










Energy - Good presenters use a combination of “pitch and volume” to project energy and engage better with their audience.

Feedback - Should be both positive and negative feedback. It should be given quickly, in context and in small nugget size pieces.









Testing the app
We tested Orai with a sample recording to see how well it could identify speaking patterns and areas of improvement. The app provided an evaluation and feedback within seconds of making the recording. We next used Orai to analyze President Trump's comments after Charlottesville.

Orai analyses sample speaking pattern and offers tips to improve.

Orai analysis of President Trump's comments after Charlottesville. (Photo: Salon)

Download the Orai app here:



Take away
Good speakers inspire others to act. Invest in your public speaking skills with apps like Orai.

Tell us about other apps you like for activism and organizing - especially free and affordable ones.We'll gladly test them and share the results for free so more progressives are using the best available apps.

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