28 August, 2019

Worried About Your Child’s Well Being If You’re Deported? There Is An App For That.



How will your children be taken care of if you're deported? How should a community prepare for an ICE raid? What are the latest guidelines for 'Dreamers'? (Sadly) there's an app for that.

  Finding reliable information on ever changing immigration rules is hard. It's even harder when your English is poor and you're in a hurry. There are several helpful resource groups but answers to complex immigration issues are often scattered across different websites or involve finding an expert to consult with. A simple way to securely find answers and locate experts is needed. The solution should: - aggregate information from immigrant resource groups without creating extra work for them. - keep the information up to date with the latest information and new resources. - let users protect their privacy while accessing information. - search the contents by issue, keyword, location, or language. Immigrant Country is a free mobile app designed with these needs in mind.

Link to mobile app:

KAYAK, the travel website exemplifies how to aggregate information and make it more accessible. It collects information from different sites - airlines, hotels, car rentals and provides the results through a single interface. The airlines still have their own websites and maintain their own content, but get additional exposure through Kayak. The Immigrant Country app uses a similar approach. It collects details from different immigrant resources group without creating any extra work for them. Information is provided through an easy-to-use mobile app that includes links to immigrant resource groups. The app is easily updated with information on new rules, resources and support groups.
The  Immigrant Country app was designed by a volunteer in two days using these free apps: 1. Google Sheets to store details on the groups helping immigrants 2. Firebase to store logos, images and downloadable resources 3. GlideApps to design the mobile app. The app is a link which makes it easy to share and also protects users' privacy.

Let us know of other immigration-related resources to add.

  Other use cases Immigrant Country collects and shares information on immigration rules and resources. Many other causes could also benefit by making it easy for people to be fully informed about an issue, especially when the answers are collected from different sources. For example: - How to register to vote and the IDs that will be required. - How to take part in the census and where to find more information - Resources and advocacy groups for reproductive freedom. Collective Agency This bulletin's cover image was designed by the Collective Agency, which was founded by Kathryn Jones. The agency also designed the "Family Preparedness Guide For Undocumented And Vulnerable Families" which is in the Immigrant Country app. The Collective Agency includes motivated activist creators. who produce multi-platform digital campaigns. It has produced dozens engaging campaigns for nonprofit, activist, and socially responsible causes, including Indivisble and Swing Left. Takeaway Technology can fill the information gap and quickly get answers to those who need it the most. Learn more about how to apply free, innovative technology to your cause here. Deepak Co-Founder, DemLabs Please share this bulletin. Democracy Labs is a SF-based, hub for ongoing technology and creative innovation for progressives campaigns and advocacy groups. Donate here to support our work.

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