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Why would the Chief of the US Department of Agriculture mock farmers hurt by trade wars as 'Whiners'?

A volunteer research team found that farmers' suffering was both real and widespread. "Net farm income in America has plunged by nearly half over the last five years from $123.4 billion in 2013 to $63 billion last year. It plummeted by 16% last year alone, Time reports. Farmers have filed arecord number of bankruptcies since the start of Trump’s trade war with China." - Huffington Post.

But how can an issue as complex as tariffs, politics, lobbying and farm bankruptcies be explained quickly and clearly? The research team decided to create a StoryMap.

What is a StoryMap?
StoryMaps is an app that's available for free and also as a paid premium version. It can be used to create persuasive digital stories that combine text, images, videos and maps.


This StoryMap includes content from multiple sources including soybean prices, news clips, maps of farming areas and their congressperson, YouTube videos, maps and lobbying expenses. StoryMaps can be revised with new content and are shared as links which can be watched on laptops, tablets or phones. Built-in buttons make it easy to share StoryMaps on Facebook and Twitter. Here are five important storytelling principles:

Slogans and doublespeak are used to hide the facts. StoryMaps let you expose the truth with neither money nor tech savvy. Learn more about how to tell you story and organize for change here.

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