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"Hundreds of Their Workers Were Arrested in Mississippi ICE Raids, But No Employers Have Been Charged Yet." - TIME reported.

Important issues are skimmed and soon forgotten. Most are too complex to be summarized in a thirty second video or captured in a meme. A way to explain current events and how they impact readers is needed. It should be engaging, offer links to more details and calls to action.

Infogram and StoryMaps are two free apps that make it easy to explain complex issues through short, interactive, digital stories.

We used these apps to create digital stories from the public research on ICE raids at Koch Foods in Mississippi. The stories explain how firms boost their profits by hiring prison labor and undocumented workers. They also show how firms lobby to weaken worker safety regulations and stiffen sentencing laws so more people are imprisoned.

Explore this infographic created with InfoGram app here.


Explore this StoryMap created with ArcGIS StoryMaps app here.

Solution benefits:
Infographics are ideal for a (1-2 min) overview. StoryMaps provide more context (1-5 min) and can incorporate text, images, infographics, videos and maps. Readers watch them at their own pace.
- Infogram and StoryMaps are available as free(mium) apps so you can get started at no cost.
- The apps are easy to learn.
- Stories can incorporate text, graphics, images, maps and videos.
- Stories can be watched on both phones and laptops.
- They are easily shared through a link on social media or by email.
- Stories are stored online and can be revised with new details when needed.

Raising people's awareness and mobilizing them is hard when they're busy and you're stretched for funds and communication resources. Use InfoGram and StoryMaps to create compelling digital stories. The stories above can be easily customized. Learn more here.

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