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A single image often captures the truth better than dozens of reports.

Technology now makes it easy to design network maps that reveal the motives and connections behind an action. We used this method to analyze why Mitch McConnell might have blocked bills to strengthen election security right after Robert Mueller warned that foreign governments would likely attempt to interfere in the 2020 US elections?

A DemLabs designer created this network map of the people and events behind McConnell's action  with Kumu, a free app. The network map lets readers start from the big picture and drill down for more details without getting lost in the weeds. A presentation with additional context in the form of notes, images and videos was also prepared. This whole project took the designer two days to complete.

Events and people that seem independent at first glance, take on more meaning when looked at together.  Use network maps to tell your story and mobilize supporters.

Relationship Network Map 



Social Networks
"Social Network Mapping is a method used to determine and understand the nature of social interactions between individuals as well as groups. This method helps in figuring out which individuals hold what level of influence over another individual or group. A social network with its many links is complex, just like the nature of human relationships. It helps in identifying the actors that enjoy the most influence over the other actors in the network and spot patterns in different interactions", explains Think Design.


Kumu is a wonderful, free app that makes it easy to distill complexity into simple network maps that are easy to understand and share. Kumu created maps can be shared online with a link or easily embedded in websites. Maps can be updated with new details as they become available.

Complexity is used to mask reality, while simplicity lets more people see what's really going on. Kumu is a great tool to inform the public and hold the powerful accountable. Learn more here.

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