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How can grassroots energy be harnessed to win elections? How can collaboration between different organizing groups be maximized for greater impact?

Hundreds of grassroots organizers will convene at the National Network Assembly in Des Moines, Iowa from August 22-25 to network, learn and share best practices.

Organizers will learn new strategies for voter mobilization, civic engagement, campaign apps and operations. Attending the assembly is being kept affordable with grassroots organizers in mind. Scholarships are planned to cover the attendance costs for those in need.
Attendee national networks
Action Together Network - connector for progressive grassroots leaders and creators.
Indivisible - grassroots movement to elect progressive leaders and rebuild democracy.
Future Coalition - national network and community for youth-led organizations.
March On - galvanizing those who marched to create lasting, transformative political power.
Presenters (partial list)
Heather Booth - veteran organizer and progressive strategist. (Democracy Partners)
Beth Becker - expert trainer on digital campaign techniques. (Becker Digital Strategies)
Nicole Carty - expert in online to offline mobilization. (PowerLabs)
Aditi Juneja - communications expert. (Protect Democracy)
Reyma McCoy McDeid - activist and former candidate for Iowa’s House of Representatives.
Event partners
Ragtag - building a movement of technologists to amplify progressive organizing.
The Swell Collective - focus on ethical collaboration, communication, resiliency & wellness.
Rock The Congress - maximizing collaboration among progressive groups to win elections.
Democracy Labs - connecting technical innovation to progressive causes & campaigns.
Andrea Catone is the driving force behind the National Network Assembly. She is an organizer, network analyst, and movement strategist with a passion for helping leaders build relationships and capacity. She has spent nine years building and studying movement networks, including co-founding networks of progressive grassroots leaders like Action Together Network (ATN). Guided by her Andrea is a trained sociologist a public scholar, writer, and doctoral candidate at Rutgers University. Contact Andrea here.
Participants will choose from a range of workshops to:
▸ Increase volunteer recruitment, retainment, and voter mobilization nationwide
▸ Apply best practices and lessons learned by other organizers from across the country
▸ Learn how to apply technology creatively to accomplish more with less
▸ Improve coordination with other movement networks and organizers
▸ Build and sustain team resilience and wellness
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