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Free Campaigning and Organizing How-To Guides

Grassroots organizing changes constantly with new tactics and apps. How can the lessons learned on one campaign be quickly shared with other progressive groups?

Blueprints for Change converts know-how from campaign organiziners into free ‘how-to’ guides. A community of helpers creates and updates these online guides which are available here:

  • A/B testing for sendouts
  • Building networked coalitions
  • Canvassing and door knocking
  • Crowdsourcing ideas and content from supporters
  • Digital security basics for campaigners
  • Distributed organizing
  • P2P Texting campaigns
  • Persuasive conversation campaigns
  • Support and coaching techniques for remote groups
  • Using Facebook Groups for organizing
  • Volunteer-led phone banking
  • WhatsApp uses for campaigning

Blueprints for Change partners with progressive campaigners and organizers who'd like to share their knowledge and experiences. Learn more at this link.

Learning from the successes and failures of others is smart. Groups like Blueprints for Changethat foster progressive campaign innovation deserve your support. Let us know of others that should be highlighted, and we'll be glad to feature them in this bulletin.

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