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It's hard to quickly explain the scope of corporate welfare and how to bring it under control. How can the case for reform be presented in a simple, engaging manner?

Infographics convert complex issues and mountains of data into graphics that are visually appealing and easy to understand. Infogram is a free app that makes it simple for anyone to create engaging infographics. We created this infographic in three hours from today's headlines. It makes the case that corporations should pay their fair share of taxes.

Infographics - GIF 1

See the actual infographic here.

Infogram is an easy-to-use app complete with design templates, icons, GIFs and images. The infographics created can be:
- Easily shared on Facebook, Twitter or embedded in web sites.
- Viewed online or saved as a PDF for offline use.
- Edited after they have been published.
- Shared publicly or with a private group

Advocacy groups struggle to get build support. It's even harder to explain complex issues or when the other side is muddying the waters. Infogram lets you tell your story vividly in a form that is easy to remember and share.

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