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Video campaigns on social media are proven effective. But many candidates can't afford them due to the high costs and specialized skills needed to produce good videos. This is changing with the introduction of free, innovative apps that are widely used in business, but not well known in politics.

DemLabs bridges this information gap by continuously scouting for apps that let candidates run smart, cost-effective campaigns. Lumen5 is such a free(mium) app that lets almost anyone quickly create professional-grade campaign videos with just a regular laptop.

How is Lumen5 better?
1. It is easy to learn and use. This campaign video below was created in just thirty minutes.
2. It comes with a huge library of videos and music soundtracks that can be used to design a new video. This avoids the need for the candidate to even make a recording.
3. Videos can be created in formats optimized for posting on Facebook and Instagram.
4. Captions can be easily added to videos for watching on phones.

This blog describes how the Morgan Goodman campaign created a campaign video with a little help from DemLabs.

See the actual campaign video here.

LUMEN how to 1

LUMEN how to 2

LUMEN how to 3

LUMEN how to 4

Technology is an equalizer. It reduces the financial handicap that challengers struggle with when running against well-funded incumbents. Lumen5 enables campaigns reach more voters for less.

Co-Founder, DemLabs

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