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Sean Frame is running for Congress in CA-4 against a well funded incumbent. He's trying a new way to engage voters and raise funds. He is asking voters to share their concerns directly with him so that he can factor them into his campaign strategy. What a novel idea!

Sean is managing this on a tiny budget using Survey 123Story Maps and a little help from Democracy Labs.

How this crowdsourcing works


1. A form is designed which prompts local residents for details of issues that they feel need attention. This form is shared as a link (URL) so users do not have to first install an app in order to report an issue. See how easy it is do with this link.2. Voters share details on local issues from their phones. This includes a photo of the issue, the location and their contact details.

3. Issues are screened before being displayed on a map. This is visible to both the campaign and the public.

A GIF of how Survey 123 can help
Survey 123 mobile 2
How to use StoryMaps

Holding elected leaders accountable for their actions is key to a healthy democracy. A public dashboard of local concerns shows a candidate cares and understands the issues to focus on.

Learn how to apply crowdsourcing to understand your voters' concerns.

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