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A good video cuts through noise to show what's really going on. And to inspire people to take action. These nine progressive filmmakers are some of the best.

    1. Putting Women In Their Place, Inc.
      A nationwide network of feminist media professionals producing campaign videos for progressive, pro-choice women running for office. Launched in September 2017 with a goal to provide as many videos to progressive pro-choice women as possible, they made 43 videos for 43 candidates in 4 states within 8 weeks.


    1. Changing The World
      Lilly Rivlin is renowned writer, filmmaker and activist. Her articles have been published in Newsweek and The Washington Post. 'Changing the World' is her film about Heather Booth, the legendary organizer, whose advice heard through the film is: If you organize you can change the world.


    1. The Love VotThe Love Votee
      The Love Vote is a platform for the 50 million Americans who can't vote (due to youth, citizenship, or disenfranchisement). They share stories and move others to vote on their behalf. It works like crowdfunding - but instead of raising funds, they raise votes. The Love Votes sees voting as an act of love, and increases voter turnout with love.


    1. Collective AgencyCollective Agency
      A network of hundreds of creatives across the country dedicated to progressive social and political change. They bring together distributed teams of creatives and project managers across the country to bring projects across the most important social and political issues to life from ideation through production through distribution.


    1. The People PThe People PACACThe People PAC rallies commercially successful media makers in defense of democracy. It creates cost-efficient and impactful media in support of candidates and legislation that serve constituent needs over special interests, using a production process pioneered to take advantage of modern storytelling tools and economies of scale.


    1. Mike Lux MediaMike Lux Media
      Produces commentary and satire in hard-hitting videos such as the one featured by Lauren Windsor. It has worked with groups across the progressive community, including the League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood,, the NAACP Voter Fund, Center for Community Change, Daily Kos, and Democracy Alliance.


    1. The Agenda Project
      This group identifies  issues exemplifying the differences between the modern Right and decent Americans. It selects opportune moments to best illustrate the essential differences between these two perspectives and then develops aggressive, multi-platform campaigns to amplify the differentiation.


    1. The Working GroupThe Working Group
      Not In Our Town (NIOT) is a project of The Working Group. It produced a landmark PBS film documenting citizens of Billings, Montana who stood up for their neighbors after a series of hate crimes. The Working Group inspires communities to take action against hate.


  1. BIRTHRIGHT: A WAR STORYBirthright A War Story
    This documentary produced by Civia Tamarkin examines how women are being jailed, physically violated and even put at risk of dying as a radical movement tightens its grip across America. It explores the accelerating gains of the crusade to control pregnant women and the fallout that is creating a public health crisis.

Tell us of groups fighting for social justice and democracy. We'll be glad to get publicize them.

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