7 March, 2019

Use this free app to create your own high-quality campaign videos

We love solutions that let more deserving candidates run for office. We really love apps, that are free and easy-to-use. Candidates struggle to produce campaign videos when they are tight on time and money. Adobe Spark is the answer. This free, easy-to-use app creates professional looking videos without any special equipment or training. We created this 30 second ad in less than an hour. Adobe Spark Video Here's how the campaign video was created and distributed. 1. The candidate (Barbara) used an iPhone to record her 10 second message at a Blue Institute training workshop. 2. Photos of issues that matter to her voters were first collected. 3. A campaign message ('We can do better') was chosen. 4. These components were combined with Adobe Spark to create a 30 second campaign video. 5. The campaign video can be shared on social media in the form of a link. 6. It can be downloaded and shared through Vimeo and YouTube. 7. It can also be added to the candidate's own web site with a few lines of code. It's that simple! Did I mention that the app is free? Take away A special thanks to Jocelyn Harmon, the co-founder of Blackher for telling us about Adobe Spark. Too often candidates and advocacy groups never hear of the wonderful apps that can let them todo more for less. DemLabs increases the flow of innovative solutions to progressives. Let us know about other good, affordable apps that deserve attention. We'll be glad to test them and spread the word. Thank you. Deepak Co-Founder, DemLabs Democracy Labs is a hub for ongoing technology and creative innovation that serves progressive groups at the national, state, and local levels. Donate here to support our work.
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11 Jun’ 2024

Alito Caught On Tape: AI Transcript Reveals Arrogance And Threats

Alito’s Wife Caught on Tape Spewing Venom... "Laura Windsor recorded Martha-Ann and Justice Samuel Alito, her husband’s comments during the Supreme Court Historical Society’s annual dinner...

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9 Jun’ 2024

Amplify your message with a shared set of talking points

The same message heard several times is more persuasive. How do you get your extended team of volunteers, canvassers, staff and candidates to stick to the...

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30 May’ 2024

12 Great Gifts For Not Voting!

Not sure if you should vote? Check out these 12 gifts for not voting! Parents asked Robert Hubbell why their son or daughter should vote for...

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29 May’ 2024

Don’t Commit National Suicide: Ken Burns’ Warning

Ken Burns Suspends 'Longstanding Attempt At Neutrality' to Utterly Torch Trump "Filmmaker Ken Burns ditched his trademark political neutrality during an undergraduate commencement address at Massachusetts’ Brandies University to warn...

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14 May’ 2024

NOT ON OUR WATCH: People powered news

‘A Lie Is Halfway Round the World Before the Truth Has Got Its Boots On’ How do you get the facts when much of the media...

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7 May’ 2024

Reach more people with Gamification: Could you be a HANDMAID ENFORCER?

Don't just preach to the choir. Use gamification to reach and engage more people. How do you get your message to people who aren't necessarily interested...