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Campaign videos work, but many campaigns have neither the budget nor the expertise to create their own. Ideally a single campaign video could be adapted for use by other campaigns, but manual editing takes time and is costly. What's needed is a way to automatically customize a campaign video for use by other candidates.

A new app does just this, enabling the cost of producing one video to be amortized over multiple campaigns. Candidates can choose from a catalog of existing campaign videos for the best ones to customize for their own campaign.

Image showing how a campaign video works

This short video shows how a video is customized. A candidate (John Smith) adapts a video of kids to be used for his pro-children campaign appeal. The customization includes candidate details, messaging, images and video clips. The videos produced are seamless and can be shared on social media or posted to the candidate's website.

Some wonderful groups that produce progressive campaign/cause videos include:
Collective Agency
70 Million Voters
The People PAC
Put Women In Their Place

DemLabs works with progressive groups to identify challenges that need fresh thinking. We then find innovative apps and story telling solutions that companies use to solve these problems. The solutions are tested in campaigns and the findings shared with progressive groups.

Contact us to see how easy it is to now customize videos for multiple candidates.


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