19 September, 2018

Let’s please keep it civil

Gif "Keep it Civil" How many Facebook discussions are hijacked by trolls? Bots flood discussions with hundreds of messages, drowning out real participants. How can conversations be kept civil in such a hostile environment? A new app keeps Facebook discussions on track by purging comments from trolls and bots. Just tell it which words you'd like to exclude, and it automatically removes any comments with them. For instance, 'bad' is a black-listed word in the example below. Facebook comments with 'bad' are automatically purged, while other messages aren't affected. Gif "Home Sweet Home"
This automatic moderation can be based on:
- keyword or message content
- type of message (e.g. dark post comment, page mention or private message)
- author of the message
And covers:
- comments to your page posts
- posts fans publish on your page
- private conversations sent via Messenger
- comments to your page promoted (aka dark) posts
- comments to specific posts - page mentions - comments to your page mentions
DemLabs finds and applies existing apps to progressive causes. This app, for instance was originally developed to enhance corporate Facebook marketing. Isn't it only appropriate that it also be used for better public discourse as well?
Drop us a line to learn how to keep your Facebook discussions civil - and block the trolls.
Co-Founder, DemLabs
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