5 September, 2018

Micro-targeting made simple

"GoFundMe raises thousands to place billboard of Trump's anti-Cruz tweet in Texas". Where exactly should you place a billboard to reach the people you want to target? Companies face similar challenges every day in deciding where to locate stores and advertise. They use both technology and data to decide. Many rely on Tapestry from ESRI. This 49 year old, multi-billion dollar firm is the global leader in geographic information systems (GIS). Tapestry offers geo-demographic segmentation which combines the "who" of lifestyle demography with the "where" of local geography to classify the US population into 67 distinct, behavioral market segments. Campaigns can apply Tapestry to pick the best possible billboard location - and even where to hold events. Try it (for free) to get insights on a community by entering its zip code here. We used Tapestry to hypothetically pick the best possible locations to place billboards and hold rallies to mobilize voters around the NRG Stadium in the City of Houston. Here are the results.
The City of Houston has over 2.3 million residents and spans 669 square miles so campaigns have a lot to gain from insights into the city's neighborhoods & demographics. Tapestry segments the American population into 67 distinct segments  that share similar traits.
LifeMode groups (14) represent areas that share a common experience—born in the same generation or immigration from another country—or a significant demographic trait, like affluence. Urbanization groups (6) markets share similar locales, from the urban canyons of the largest cities to the rural lanes of villages or farms. Tapestry indicates this is an affluent area near the stadium and possibly ripe for persuasion. This could be a good spot for a billboard. Tapestry defines this are near the stadium as more liberal with a large number of students. This could be a better location to hold rallies.
Note the age and income difference between these two areas which are only a few miles apart. Campaigns (just like firms) need to maximize the return on their investment of time and money. Corporate America already spends millions every year to develop apps and collect data to sell more by better micro-targeting their customers. Progressive campaigns can benefit from using these existing resources too. Contact us to learn how.
Co-Founder, DemLabs
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