24 July, 2018

Check the fine print

Animated video image of the title sequence of HBO's Silicon Valley Donations are just one way to support the causes you believe in. Programmers with more creativity than cash, can support their values by restricting how their software can be used. Microsoft Employees Protest Work With ICE Google Employees Resign in Protest Against Pentagon Contract Licensing terms define how intellectual property (IP) such as software, music and graphics may be used. Programmers for instance, can include ethical license terms to prevent their facial recognition software from being used for surveillance of communities of color. Musicians can insert licensing terms to prevent their music from being played at events that promote racism. Corporate Accountability Lab (CAL) simplifies adding ethical licensing terms to contracts so that product usage stays in line with the author's values. CAL offers both a creative commons license for artists and an open source software license for freelance developers. Learn more from CAL's Ethical IP Primer or contact Charity Ryerson, CAL co-founder and human rights attorney for more details.
Co-Founder, DemLabs
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11 Jun’ 2024

Alito Caught On Tape: AI Transcript Reveals Arrogance And Threats

Alito’s Wife Caught on Tape Spewing Venom... "Laura Windsor recorded Martha-Ann and Justice Samuel Alito, her husband’s comments during the Supreme Court Historical Society’s annual dinner...

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9 Jun’ 2024

Amplify your message with a shared set of talking points

The same message heard several times is more persuasive. How do you get your extended team of volunteers, canvassers, staff and candidates to stick to the...

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30 May’ 2024

12 Great Gifts For Not Voting!

Not sure if you should vote? Check out these 12 gifts for not voting! Parents asked Robert Hubbell why their son or daughter should vote for...

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29 May’ 2024

Don’t Commit National Suicide: Ken Burns’ Warning

Ken Burns Suspends 'Longstanding Attempt At Neutrality' to Utterly Torch Trump "Filmmaker Ken Burns ditched his trademark political neutrality during an undergraduate commencement address at Massachusetts’ Brandies University to warn...

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14 May’ 2024

NOT ON OUR WATCH: People powered news

‘A Lie Is Halfway Round the World Before the Truth Has Got Its Boots On’ How do you get the facts when much of the media...

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7 May’ 2024

Reach more people with Gamification: Could you be a HANDMAID ENFORCER?

Don't just preach to the choir. Use gamification to reach and engage more people. How do you get your message to people who aren't necessarily interested...