1 June, 2018

Let’s talk about values

USA War Veteran When Super Bowl ads are more compelling than campaign messages, we have a problem. How can we appeal to people's values across the political spectrum? We need new approaches that go beyond just demographics and voting behavior. The Catalist Peoria Project recently completed extensive research on this to:
  • Analyze the values and core beliefs that affect civic perceptions and choices of people across the country
  • Observe and test how messages reach new audiences via social media
Come learn about their findings and new ways to understand and reach audiences across the electorate at a DemLabs briefing in Silicon Valley. Presenters include Laura Quinn (Catalist CEO), Nate Lubin (Former Digital Director at the White House) and Liz Manne (Former Executive Director of FilmAid International).

Briefing: Tuesday, June 19th, Sunnyvale. Details & RSVP link.

DemLabs is a non-profit hub for innovation and information inter-change. We connect political experts with Silicon Valley tech and media resources to find innovative new solutions for progressives. Help support our work by donating here. Thank you! Deepak Co-Founder, DemLabs
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11 Jun’ 2024

Alito Caught On Tape: AI Transcript Reveals Arrogance And Threats

Alito’s Wife Caught on Tape Spewing Venom... "Laura Windsor recorded Martha-Ann and Justice Samuel Alito, her husband’s comments during the Supreme Court Historical Society’s annual dinner...

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9 Jun’ 2024

Amplify your message with a shared set of talking points

The same message heard several times is more persuasive. How do you get your extended team of volunteers, canvassers, staff and candidates to stick to the...

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30 May’ 2024

12 Great Gifts For Not Voting!

Not sure if you should vote? Check out these 12 gifts for not voting! Parents asked Robert Hubbell why their son or daughter should vote for...

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29 May’ 2024

Don’t Commit National Suicide: Ken Burns’ Warning

Ken Burns Suspends 'Longstanding Attempt At Neutrality' to Utterly Torch Trump "Filmmaker Ken Burns ditched his trademark political neutrality during an undergraduate commencement address at Massachusetts’ Brandies University to warn...

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14 May’ 2024

NOT ON OUR WATCH: People powered news

‘A Lie Is Halfway Round the World Before the Truth Has Got Its Boots On’ How do you get the facts when much of the media...

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7 May’ 2024

Reach more people with Gamification: Could you be a HANDMAID ENFORCER?

Don't just preach to the choir. Use gamification to reach and engage more people. How do you get your message to people who aren't necessarily interested...