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When Super Bowl ads are more compelling than campaign messages, we have a problem. How can we appeal to people's values across the political spectrum?

We need new approaches that go beyond just demographics and voting behavior. The Catalist Peoria Project recently completed extensive research on this to:

  • Analyze the values and core beliefs that affect civic perceptions and choices of people across the country
  • Observe and test how messages reach new audiences via social media

Come learn about their findings and new ways to understand and reach audiences across the electorate at a DemLabs briefing in Silicon Valley. Presenters include Laura Quinn (Catalist CEO), Nate Lubin (Former Digital Director at the White House) and Liz Manne (Former Executive Director of FilmAid International).

Briefing: Tuesday, June 19th, Sunnvale. Details & RSVP link.

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