3 April, 2018


There is a better way. But it’s hard to find when you’re busy.
That’s where DemLabs comes in. We test new apps in campaigns and share our findings with progressive groups so they can up their game.

What’s the catch? None. We neither develop nor resell software. We scout for proven, easy to use and affordable apps to meet the key needs of campaigns and advocacy groups. We first test the apps in campaigns and then share our findings free-of-charge, online and through workshops. DemLabs provides unbiased recommendations based on success in field tests.

The workshop. You’ll learn about new solutions in a simulated campaign scenario. How to apply new tools in your campaign. How do the apps work? Where can they be used? How cost-effective are they? You’ll learn about the results from recent races in VA, AL, MN, CA and AZ. And about campaigns with advocacy groups such as FairVote, Initiate Justice and the Trans United Fund. Technologists, security experts and veteran political strategists will share their insights. There's a special workshop (5/3) just on campaign security, info warfare and how what to do in the event of a data breach.

The workshops are small and interactive to increase learning. Please RSVP here to reserve your seat: Innovations in Digital Campaigns                     NY                 Apr 24  (12:00 -  5:00 PM)     Innovations in Digital Campaigns                     DC                 May  2 ( 9:30 -   5:00 PM) Campaign Security & Data Breaches               DC                 May  3 (9:30 - 12:30 PM)

DemLabs expedites the flow of innovation. Progressives can win more, with less money through continuous innovation and the better distribution of solutions. This reduces the funds needed to run a campaign, enabling more good candidates to run for office. A special thanks to Amazon, Microsoft and DWT for hosting these workshops.

Deepak Co-Founder, DemLabs

PS. DemLabs is a small, highly leveraged non-profit. Donate here to support our work.

Workshop highlights PLAN Where are your best supporters? Where should campaign actvities be organized? How can you overlay demographic data learn by visualizing voter file with other demographic data? Map based planning has traditionally been limited to large, well-funded campaigns due to cost and complexity. That's changed. See how the AAPI Victory Fund used interactive maps in the AZ-08 special election using TargetSmart Voter Files andESRI's ArcGIS mapping tools.

UNDERSTAND How does a small campaign understand the concerns of their constituents in a district? What do they think about the candidate, the opponent? How can sentiment be tracked in real-time? Who are the influencers in the race that should be cultivated? You'll see how social media monitoring from Utilisocial was used in the VA election to monitor reactions to issues and monitor voter sentiment.

PERSUADE Nathan Massis' video clip about his daughter's death prior to the Alabama election had over 5 million views. Authentic, personal videos cut through news clutter and bots -but recording such videos has been expensive and time consuming. You'll learn how campaigns use the FlipGrid app to collect grassroots testimonial videos and then amplify them on social media. We'll review how it was used to collect comments from hispanic voters in the MN-23B election and how FairVote used it for their Ranked Choice Voting ballot initiative in New Mexico.

VOTER REGISTRATION & GOTV How do you reach busy, marginalized voters who aren't active on social media and don't have smart phones? How do you help them to get registered to vote and stay in touch with them? We'll review a pilot project using a combination of radio ads, a new opt-in SMS platform to register marginalized voters. This involves People Demanding ActionFour DirectionsTurbo Vote and Strive Digital.

CAMPAIGN SECURITY & DATA BREACHES Social media platforms are being subverted. Data weaponized. Micro-targeting misused. Campaigns compromised with data breaches. Experts will explain common threats and what safeguards you should consider. You'll also learn how groups mis-use personal profiles and the weaponization of data and what do in the event of a data breach.

Expert Speakers Innovations in Digital Campaigns (NY)    12:00 - 5:00, Apr 24th Heidi Sieck —President, Vote ProChoice Michael Hirschorn   —Co-Founder, The People PAC Kathryn Jones —Co-Executive Director, The Collective Agency Melanie Lavelle —Founder, Benefits Kitchen

Innovations in Digital Campaigns  (DC)    9:30 - 5:30, May 2nd  Michael Podhorzer  —Political Director, AFL-CIO Sally Marx  —Program Manager, Technology DNC Andrea Miller  —Founder, People Demanding Action Will Robinson  —Partner, The New Media Firm Tara McGowan  —CEO, Another Acronym Joe Fuld   —President, The Campaign Workshop

Campaign Security & Data Breaches (DC) 9:30 - 12:30,  May 3rd 

Brittany Kaiser Former Director of Business Development at Cambridge Analytica. Expert in behavioral micro-targeting for political campaigns.

Dr. Haroon K. Ullah Chief Strategy Officer at the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Former advisor to three Secretary’s of State and author of Amazon best-seller "Digital World War".

Amy Mushawar Partner, Privacy & Security at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP.                                                 Specialist in privacy-related matters including information security, data breaches and compliance.

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