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The success or failure of a new store depends on how close it is to its best customers. In the "old days", the placement of a new retail outlet was determined by driving around different neighborhoods to pick the site of a new store based on an educated guess. No longer. Companies such as Starbucks now use a more disciplined, data-driven approach to decide where to locate stores.

The mapping software that companies use analyzes demographic data such as family size, household income, employment rates and over fifty other traits. This is combined with geographic information, hand-drawn shapes and drive times to a location so marketers can focus their campaigns on the best targets. The accuracy and detail is amazing. Try it out by entering your zip code here and see how accurately it describes you!

There's something to be learned here by campaigns: how do you allocate limited funds, staff and time for the maximum impact?

DemLabs is working with Esri, the global leader in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to provide training on how to run smarter campaigns with ArcGIS and Community Analyst. The software is both affordable and easy to use. Three sample use cases include:
1. Where should voter registration drives be targeted to reach the highest concentration of Asian voters with specific income and education levels? And what kind of messaging should be used based on their values?
2. Where should canvassers be based to collect the most signatures for a ballot measure?
3. Where should flyers and online advertising be targeted to reach student loan holders in a community?

Learn how to apply these new tools in your campaigns at an upcoming webinar or register for a (free) hands-on workshop on Monday Feb 26 (1-5 PM) in Washington DC.

Resistance Dashboard
What is DemLabs' vision? How are we helping streamline the flow of new innovative technology to campaigns? Listen to this new Podcast on The Great Battlefield. This regular podcast series highlights political entrepreneurs who were so affected by a political event (such as the last presidential election) that they felt compelled to do something.
These podcasts are on the Resistance Dashboard which was launched by Nathaniel Pearlman after the 2016 Presidential election. Nathaniel has a long history of connecting progressive politics and technology and is also the founder of NGP VAN. It is a clearinghouse for information on the leading organizations and entrepreneurs in the fight, along with the many new technological tools, calls to action, suggestions for donations, and events that are taking place through this surge in political innovation.So grab a cup of coffee from your nearest, "perfectly located" Starbucks and listen to the podcast !

DemLab Workshops in 2017 Have Sparked These Projects

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Self-Service Videos for Smaller Groups & Campaigns
Affordable Polling for Smaller Groups & Campaigns
Online Training Protocols & Tools
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DemLabs applies innovative technology and storytelling tools in service of democratic values. It lowers the barrier of funding for worthy candidates and non-profits by applying existing free/affordable solutions.